Powerpom Please Kiss Me

: Powerpom Please Kiss Me ()
: 07 2006

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AM CH PowerPom Keep the Faith

 CH Melenbri Sweet Talkin Guy

Tookeyes Talk Of The Town

Paddockwood Flash Dance For Tookeyes

Tookeyes Orangeada

Bryandee Fine Romance with Melenbri

Bryandee Royal Jester

Pixietown Paper Lace

Chriscendo Chasing Clouds

 Ch. Foxworth Frontier Spirit

Ch. Ozark's Spirit of Oakridge

Foxworth First Class

 Chriscendo Cloud Nine

Ch. Chriscendo Classico

Ch Tim Sue Chriscendo Cloud Cover

Starfires Crystal

 CH Starfires Silverado
WLF Sable

 Tomho Rebel Lee

CH Texicans Robert Redfurred

CH Tomho Strutting Merri Lee

 Starfires Rafaella

CH Starfires Nicolas EL Grande

Starfires Infinity

Starfires Marietta

CH Starfires Im Too Sexy

CH Starfires Totally Tempting

CH Starfires Veronica

 Starfires Marina

CH Starfires Rocky

Starfires Sweet Dreamer